for the protection and renewal of your skin barrier

Essential Series

Healthy, Happy Skin For All

A premier skincare range formulated with clinically proven ingredients for a healthy glow. The ingredients in our skincare products are scientifically proven for effectiveness, while remaining free of parabens, alcohol and phthalates.


Renewal Serum

Stimulate your skin’s natural renewal process with our power-packed Essential Renewal Serum. Infused with inulin and yogurt powder, the serum helps to balance the natural microflora in your epidermis and brighten the skin.

Active ingredients also reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your skin’s circulation a boost, resulting in a natural glow from within.

On top of all that, sodium hyaluronate helps to lock in the skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it plump and hydrated.

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Safe for even the most sensitive skin types

  • Made in Singapore

  • Free of Alcohol

  • Free of Parabens

  • Free of Phthalates


Sun Defense SPF 50+

Nu-Factor’s Sun Defense helps counter harmful particles and protect your skin from radical damage.

Enhanced with SPF 50+ and Vitamin C derivative, Sun Defense protects your skin from urban pollution such as PM2.5 and heavy metals while enhancing its natural brightness.

Bisabolol and ectoin are used to reduce UV-induced damage to the skin. Sun Defense also helps stimulate collagen synthesis, making your skin soft and supple.

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Explore Our Collections

  • Essential Series

    Our Essential Series is packed with powerful antioxidants essential for the protection and renewal of your skin barrier, keeping it hydrated and nourished.

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  • Serum Series

    Potent yet gentle, our blend of antioxidants penetrate deep into your skin, leaving behind a healthy, youthful glow. Our wide range of serums addresses every skin’s individual needs, from reducing pigmentation to age defense.

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  • Oriental Series

    The Oriental Series slows the ageing process with improve fine lines, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles. Rejuvenate the skin to a more youthful appearance with a brighter, smoother, and softer skin.

  • Nuborn Collection

    Designed for use on most delicate and sensitive of newborn skin. Our formula uses soothing ingredients like manuka honey and oatmeal extract to calm irritations and reduce inflammation.

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  • Crocodile Oil Series

    Crocodile oil may be the best moisturiser on the planet for dry, frequent shaved, maturing and sensitive skin types! This luxuriously penetrating oil is likely the first natural ‘skin food’ known to the humankind.


Clinical Study of Tomato Extract on Whitening

The most advanced bio-cellulose premium facial mask that seamlessly adheres to the face contours like a second skin. The Lumi Mask is a brightening mask containing white tomato and dragonfruit extracts that unlocks your skin's luminosity.

Constantly providing moisturisation to your skin, keeping it young and healthy.

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I've been using different kinds of facial mask,but this is different,it is so unique.The skin like material attach firmly when you apply and allow your skin to absorb easily.It provides instant hydration, and the skin become more plump smoother and radiant after a few times,I would recommend this.

James Tan

Can see my acne scars lighten a bit. Hopefully can see more improvements as I continue using.

Cassandra Tan

Crocodile Oil is absorbed into the skin well. No sticky feeling. Love the product!

Sim Hui Ling

The PM2.5 cleanser really helps to keep my face clean and fresh for whole day long without drying out my skin, as a guy who has a sensitive and oily skin,this is the perfect choice. Big thumbs up for it,recommend for those who has the same problem as me.

Warren Peh

Very smooth and creamy, the facial cleanser does not have the tight feeling after washing.

Eileen Goh